Jack of Scurvy Bay

M.G. Darwish

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Jack of Scurvy Bay follows a young man's adventure and rise to power. His thirst for freedom and treasure drives him away from his home town, where they they often neglected any person who grew to have ambition. The authorities manage to catch and execute one of the most elusive pirates currently known in the world, and ironically, that thing is what sets Jack our hero to take on a life of piracy.


Tags: adventure
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Part 5 - Finale

Back on the Island of Plihr, Musket Walt sat surrounded by his crew, ready for any emergency should Jack fail in his attempt to stop the Commodore of the Navy. He rested his feet on the table.

“What happens if they get killed?” One of his crew asked.

“Then we step in.” Walt shrugged.

The sounds of the cannons went silent for a ……

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