Breena Jackson

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When a girl stumbles upon an unconscious male on her way back from the village near her home, she isn't certain if taking him in is the right decision. Her decision becomes further questioned as men from her past begin to ruin the new life she had built for herself, and soon she is forced to flee with this stranger said to be a king, to lands she never planed to return to again. She slowly learns about this mystery man as they track across treacherous realms in avoidance of men out for blood, and sees that his story is misunderstood one. Will they be caught before they can make it to safe ground, or will they be able to find sanctuary in a place Chudo once only felt entrapment? Read and find out.


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I wake up to the sound of my shower running, and though I'm only half lucid, I grab Mortifer from under my bed and rush out of my room as quietly as possible.

My sword feels familiar but unnatural in my hand, something that I hate, but I focus on the problem at hand before any memories could be drugged ……

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