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Addicted: Physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance.
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25-year-old Abigail Mathews never did one night stances but one dumb decision can lead you in bed with an known sexy man, losing your virginity to him. She thought she would never see the mysterious man with killer looks again. That is until fate proves her wrong, and the handsome devil barges into her office the next day.


Tags: HumorNew AdultTeenfictionPossessiveSex
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Chapter 1

I woke up with a groan as my head pounded like a truck ran over me. "What the hell?" I whispered yelled when I saw I was completely naked with a tattooed arm around my waist.

Shit. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, I slept with a stranger. And I don't remember anything!

I slowly removed his arm from around me and stood up but imme……

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