Fortier: Blood and Moon

M.G. Darwish

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Fortier is the story of Alfred Zeidan, a vicious, deadly and renowned vampire that secluded himself away from everyone for hundreds of years, until a message reaches him from his father calling for his return.

Part of him knew that this was about the Bertrams, another family of vampires that are fierce rivals and sworn enemies of the Zeidans, in fact the sole reason why he shunned the world he grew up with was because of the fighting and long standing feud between the two families.

But alas, he returns... for better or worst.


Tags: ActionCrimeMonsterVampireDark
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It was in the dread of the night, what do Vampires do when it is too late to sleep? Our love for rest far surpasses our admiration for darkness. Though many fools misinterpreted this as a weakness to the sun, I guess that is typical of humans to do when they do not understand something. But in reality even they, agree that if one stares too long……

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