Noah : Escaping the Monster. [Book -2]

Amna _H

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Book # 2 to the popular thriller NOAH.

Nina Prince thought escaping from the monster was easy part. But when bad news arrive from home - in the series of twisted, dark and violent events.

She is trapped with the very monster she feared . Kiddnapped,bound and locked away in a golden prison. The only thing is to discover the monster behind the mask.


Tags: BillionaireKidnappingStalkerThrillerDark
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Rushing Hours

Chapter 41 :

There was just so much going on in my head and it was all fast paced. I was drowned out , I was consumed with the ill thoughts and possibilities. The gravity of the situation - it was too much to handle at the current moment. I stood up from my seat and rushed down the aisle , knocking into some passengers who ……

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