Noah : Escaping the Monster. [Book -2]

Amna _H

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Book # 2 to the popular thriller NOAH.

Nina Prince thought escaping from the monster was easy part. But when bad news arrive from home - in the series of twisted, dark and violent events.

She is trapped with the very monster she feared . Kiddnapped,bound and locked away in a golden prison. The only thing is to discover the monster behind the mask.


Tags: BillionaireKidnappingStalkerThrillerDark
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To be edited and resumed in june....

So I will be starting the second part to Noah and it might take some time but hopefully you guys will be patient and supportive. In the meantime don't forget to check out my work Noah and leave your thoughts in comments down below.

I am very hopeful regarding this book and also , also very hopeful……

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