Promises Are Lies

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Swara Gadodia, a simple and shy girl with many dreams in her eyes bumps into Sanskar Maheswari, an arrogant and cruel businessman.
At the first sigh his heart fell in love with her innocence.
He named it LUST.
He just wanted an one night stand.But she rejected his proposal.He was adamant in getting her. He blackmailed her with some videos. She finally gave into his demands.
He got what he wanted.
Was this the end to his demands or is something else more to it?
Is life going to be easy for them?

He is arrogant while she is kind.
He is bold while she is shy.
He is fire while she is water.
Will these two opposite people fall in love?
Will love ever blossom between them? 


Tags: BillionaireRevengeRomanceJealousyPossessive
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"Does it still not affect you?" Sanskar asked while kissing her lips.

"NO",she replied closing her eyes to hide her tears.

"Look I am touching you but still you are behaving normal with me",Sanskar said while kissed her face.

"It's your right but I would have been happy

if you would have waited for my consent", she said w……

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