Broken heart

Shivani S Sharma

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There is someone who cares for her, protect her from her so-called mother abused her and student who bullied her in the school, loves her as a friend. Both of them were always happy together. Years past and they both get graduates. He becomes a top model in New York and Japan. She was always with him and support him. The was the valuable person for him the friend he loves the most until she falls in love with him. He gets engaged to someone chosen by his parents. Because of it, she hides her feeling to her, only her friend knows about it. One day after the concert they both get drunk and something happens between them. After that night she confesses her feelings for him but he refused to her. Next day he leaves to new York with his fiancee and leaves her heartbroken.


Tags: BillionaireRomanceJealousyPossessiveSex
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(Alisha P.O.V)

It’s was a month since the incident that incident and talk with my mom and I haven’t told anything to him about my and moms talk. I have tried many times to tell him but I lose my courage every time he hugs me with a heartbreaking smile of his.

I’m currently in my room getting ready for my date with Jacob. He s……

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