Flames of the Past


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To leave her beloved Paris to carry out a simple job, Detective Kaitlyn Donovan knew they were playing with her and yet she willingly embarked on this adventure. To spy on a billionaire? Why not? Hah. And what was she gaining in return? Crucial fragment of her past which have been burnt to ashes.

Tyler Reyes, a business magnate got suspicious when a beautiful woman presented herself before him, threatening to take away what he cherished the most. Disturbing his privacy and his peace of mind, her intolerant behavior made him recalled bad days with his ex-wife.

She would be lured in danger, would try to escape only to be pulled back in the flames of the past and Reyes would be there for her regardless of who she was.

Because fire is a passion...Fire can burn you alive whether you are strong or not and it would not stop until the mind and body is consumed.


Tags: spy/agentmurderrevengekillermanipulativekickass heroineCEOcomedybxg
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Epilogue: A Nervous Step!

Sunday, 14th May 2017

Moon Grace Villa.

She raised her hand to turn off the shower, dried herself with a soft towel and reached for Tyler’s bathrobe. She enveloped herself in it and stepped out of the bathroom.

She saw him, standing in casual jeans, looking for a shirt in the wardrobe, displaying his bare back to ……

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