Fated Love


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When she fell she got back up and made sure anyone that dared to pity her would regret it. She would not allow a broken heart to stop her from living her life. She had finally found a balance. but what happens when the ones who shattered her heart, decideds it is time to come back. All she knows is that she will guard those pieces, but what if not everything is not what it seems.


Tags: MilitaryPossessiveSexPolyamoryFamilySecond ChanceArrogantKickass HeroineDramaTragedy
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General of Assassins
Chapter Eleven


My hand touched the barrier between me and brave fighter. She was hooked to so many monitors, but what hurt me the most was the tube down her throat. Dr. Callaway said that she was still not breathing properly. That she needed some assists for a while, but she was hopeful.

She was very pale against her pale blue ……

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