Hidden Hybrid Angel


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In the city of Lost Angeles, there is a doctor named Andrea who happens to be someone very important in the existence of white and dark angels. After she found out her boyfriend is cheating behind her back, Andrea's life began to open the mysteries connected to her hidden identity of being a half breed.


Tags: ActionVampireLove-trianglePossessiveReincarnationKarma/DestinyBadgirlPowerfulDramaTwistedDarkDreame2019
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~ Chapter Fourteen ~

I woke up seeing the face of Eric and Athena, and soon as they saw me starting to gain consciousness Athena didn't even let me talk when she started ranting over random things.

"Omg! Are you pregnant?!" She burst out first which made me cringe.

"No! Why would you think of that!" I angrily screamed on Athena's face.

"What? y……

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