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"Shshhhhh! Don't cry, I'm not going to hurt you unless you try to escape. You are too precious to me. But if you do try to escape, you will see my bad side!" He said that in a gooey tone wiping the tears from my eyes. He then bent forward and kissed my lips covered with tape.

Meet 'Rachel Harper' a soft-spoken girl with a tragic past. She likes to live alone with the exceptions of a few good friends. But she likes her life this way, that is until she meets someone who thinks of her as his possession!

Now meet 'Drake Black' a robber, a smuggler and a player with a certain goal. He only believes in the 'no strings attached' kind of sex. He is a very stubborn man with a life full of drinks and bitches. Drake is a man of his own RULES.

When Rachel and Drake meet, their lives turn into a roller coaster ride. Life was going to be romantic and dangerous for them and things that they never expected were going to happen.

This is an ultimate love story of falling in love, learning secrets, being afraid and accepting people as they are.


Tags: DarkForbiddenPossessiveKidnapOpposites AttractBadboyGoodgirlMafiaGangsterDrug-dealerTragedyTwistedBxG
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Chapter Ninteen

Drake’s POV

“I like your locket.” I complimented while slide glancing at my Buttercup as we were riding towards the college. She was looking so beautiful in that dress; I was really having a hard time keeping my eyes straight on the road. But the truth is that that locket was just as excuse for me to scan all the skin around it.

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