In My Blood

Sylvia Adely

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Prove to them then Marcus,"I told him sternly.

"I was going to. Do you know what I was going to find out before Mia was murdered?"He asked me.

"No, just tell me,"I told him.

"She was connected to the serial killer and as I was going to find out the truth, boom, the serial killer had already done what he liked most."He said and sighed.

"I believe in you. You will solve this mystery just like the way you solved your high school principal's murder."I told him and he started kissing me on the lips.

I kissed him back and he increased his pace and velocity in doing his kissing thing.

He carried me and I snaked my legs around his waist as he led me to the house through the backdoor.

"I will make you regret meeting me because of how I am going to make you feel,"He whispered his dirty words in my ears.

"We are having it in the kitchen darling."He said and removed my shirt.

He sat me on top of the kitchen table and continued kissing my neck. I held him tightly and I just kept moaning.
Read to find out all about Serial Killer S who kills the people with dark secrets in Westside.

The wierd thing is that the serial killer is among those looking for the serial killer...


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