In My Blood

Sylvia Adely

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Norah Stewart can do anything she can for her father Jonathan Stewart to get a five star hotel and two cruise ships in Bora Bora island.

Things get too creepy when he finds out that his father real father is a demon and her mother has been pretending all along. The parents don't want the best for her.


Tags: CultDarkDramaTragedyComedyTwistedSweetDreameSeed2019DarkDreame2019
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Chapter fifteen


"Your visitor." Norah shouted walking back to the living room.

"Whatever."I told her and walked to the main door only to find Mia.

"Mia, what a pleasant surprise."I said looking at her suitcase then at her.

"I figured out that we have to stay together so that this can work."She said.

"Well, ……

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