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Sia is a cheerful yet introvert girl. Her's is a very simple life. She has very friends who are her everything. She studies in a high school/ college. The only thing she is worried about was her dreams. 

Yes. Her dreams. She has these different kind of dreams those she can't share with anyone and even can't bury it inside. She has the best kind of friends those never leave her for lifetime. 

On the other hand there is Jay. He is the best friend of Sia and wanted to be more than a best friend. He likes her from the starting but yet hesitates to accept it himself and express it to her. 

Will Sia dreams help Jay to express his feelings or completely destroy their relationship??

Be a part of Sia's journey through her fears, friendship, love, and dreams.


Tags: ChicklitMysteryRomanceThriller
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Friends are the only people with whom we can share everything. In many cases , they are the (only) ones who understand us. Have you ever got a friend that always stayed with you??

It was my birthday. Me , being an introvert.. never liked grand birthday celebrations. I went to my school as usual and there was nothing new for which I felt ve……

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