Pride Prejudice and Perplexity

Jamie Ozz

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Fitzwilliam Darcy – A Man of Mystery

A mystery, which departs from the original story at the very end. Darcy loves Elizabeth... Elizabeth loves Darcy... but a sequence of unexpected mysteries gives Elizabeth (and others) reason to suspect that there is more to Mr Darcy than at first appeared... and that perhaps he is not such a fine fellow, after all.

Can our handsome hero clear his good name... and will he be able to keep his precious secrets hidden from Elizabeth's inquisitive mind?

This twenty-one chapter story is complete, and a new chapter will be posted daily.


Tags: HistoricalHumorMysteryRomanceLove-triangle
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What was intended as a birthday ball for Georgiana in August, turned into a wedding ball; for having received Mr Bennet's permission to marry his daughter, Darcy considered that, having been prevented from marrying her for more than a twelvemonth by an unfortunate and unending series of intrigues, that they had w……

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