The Last Mistress

Lovina S.

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It's okay to be a glow stick sometimes because we have to break before we smile.
An era of darkness, where evil has conjured the lands of the moon by assassinating her pupils. The backstabbers have killed the royal families of Supernatural and set their own rules opening the gates for demons of hell.
Since they have broken rules of nature and defied the silver goddess in the sky, there will be consequences. The mistress of heavenly lands has opened her third eye and released a comet in shape of a warrior, who is destined to not only punish them but rule a throne too. Time has come when the comet of the moon restores humanity back and releases her wrath.
But this time, the challenges will be painful and demand heart-wrenching sacrifices.
It’s all on comet now, whether to fall in love or spill the blood. After all, it’s a path to salvation and there would be no escape.


Tags: VampireWerewolfAlphaPossessiveDominantKickass HeroinePrincePrincessRoyaltyKingQueenDramaDarkDreame2019BxG
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