Aritri Raha

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A trip which is supposed to be full of fun and bonding between friends. Also to escape the boredom of a small city. But you know what they say? Be careful what you wish for! Maxine wanted to bond with her school friends after a long time. So she agreed to take a trip with them, even it is to a haunted house. She wanted to make beautiful memories with them. Instead, one by one all of her friends is killed. Who is the killer and why is he/ she killing others? Can Maxine save herself and her friends? Or will she succumb to death? 


Tags: murderdark
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Nightmares (continued)

I woke up at 3 am in the morning from my nightmare screaming at the top of my voice. My family is already in my room, trying to comfort me. My mother hugged me tightly, to reassure me that nothing is going to happen. My dad continued to talk to me in a soothing voice, to calm me down. My brother handed me a glass of water, and I gulped it down i……

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