The Girl With The Red Dragon Tattoo


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Fighting for your own beliefs and principles is hard when your life is at stake. Audrey needed money for her to afford education. She was passionate about entering a Law School but for her to do that, she must do the things that are contrary to her principles and beliefs. For her to earn money and afford education, she needs to sell her body, innocence, and soul to an old, retired businessman. She was recruited to enter an underground illegal selling of women for sex but not until this mysterious yet hot assassin rescues her before giving in her purity to the old man. Stuck between her beliefs, poverty, and raging emotions, she must do something to keep her life as normal and successful as possible, away from the hunt down of rising illegal business that has spread across the country.

The Girl with the Red Dragon Tattoo will launch on March 1, 2019


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Chapter 46

I stared at Gavin not believing that he was just shot. When I was watching people dying in movies and the people around wasn't doing anything because they were shocked, I always get annoyed to them like why didn't they help the person and take the person to the hospital?

 Now, I was in their shoes.

Gavin tried his best to lift his ha……

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