My Roommate, My worst Nightmare


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Alexis Sinclair:",Lost her parents when she was 10, and her aunt took her in, life has been good to Alexis even after the death of her parents, made it through high school without being bullied, what happens when she gets into college and gets the attention of the most handsome hot guy(Tobias Coleman) little did she know that a monster lies beneath.

Tobias Coleman:: first child of the town mayor also the heir to Coleman company's incorporation, A young billionaire at age 24,quite the rebellious type, he cares about no one but himself. well not until he found a new play thing, Alexis Sinclair, who he derives joy and pleasure from tormenting her..
To Allison he is the devil but some devils have a weak point, some weren't always devils, while some only seek for an Angel to redeem them..

OK guys I suck at description this is my first Story, I hope you guys like it.


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Tobias Assistant or his dad's, I don't know, whom I learnt his name to be Francis soon came back from wherever he went.

I had no intentions of coming out of my room again when I heard the knock on the door, but then Again Francis was not at fault was he.. No. Tobias was my problem not His assistant

I opened the door for……

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