The Dome Chronicles: Lies

Erika Jordheim

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"I guess what you don't know can hurt you after all."

In the year 2097, the sun has ravaged the Earth, melting buildings and houses to the ground. All of the cities in America that were thriving and flourishing have now been destroyed; except for a select few that got really, really lucky...

Nikotopia is one of the only few that survived. Its governor and co-founder, Nicholas, vowed to protect the city from the blazing sun by building a protective glass dome that creates its own weather, produces light, and most importantly, keeps the city safe.

Freaya, his sixteen-year-old stepdaughter, is hesitant about their situation. She believes their life would have been much easier if they had avoided the Dome altogether and made improvements to the structure of their buildings.

Freaya's life seems perfect at a glance. Why would she want to remove the Dome and risk her city melting from the sun?


Tags: BillionaireFamilyStepfatherStepbrotherChildhood CrushComedy
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Twenty Five

There's a long pause. 

None of us really know what to say.

"What do you say we sleep up here tonight?" Peyton finally breaks the silence. "I mean, they'll never know. They're too focused on the little kids to pay any attention to their three older ones...right?" 

"I have a feeling they'll find out tomorrow morning whe……

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