The Cursed Empire


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Season 1 of The Cursed Empire

"The Cursed is not really a curse."

When the secrets are meant to concealed ,just happen to exposed.
What happened when Amara Evans ,an innocent ,introverted ,beautiful and warm hearted woman thrown into an unexpected situation ?
And here comes Diego Rizzo ,who keeping himself a secret that only knows few trusted people around him. What the secrets might be ?

How does Diego and Amara will meet? What is Diego's secret? Find out what happens in The Cursed Empire: Season 1: Unfold secrets by reading this book!


Tags: BillionaireFantasyNew AdultRomanceThriller
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Episode 1: Know

A familiar figure with blonde, wavy hair gently hangs over a tensed face in the opposite. Round gray eyes, set deep within their sockets, watches me attentively.

A rune of a trees and water are displayed left arm and tattoos over her neck and leaves a stinging memory of an unusual alliance.



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