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Alpha Dam is the scariest Alpha and head ruler of all the packs. his luna Anne is the toughest and most beautiful woman in the pack. together they rule and people fear them and do not dare question there leadership. 

after a long time together they had three children two females and one male. there were taught to fight as wolf and human and be the toughest and not show fear or remorse even mursie.

Ali or Alison there first child was strong minded but not strong in fighting like others her hair was a light brown and eyes of a lilac color. her father disapproved of her will not to fight and have harmine but he soon let it go when they had there son Jim or Jimmy. he loved to turn into a wolf and fight as it and his father was approving for sometime until he did not want to fight as a human it made him furius.

Later a child of pure buitie and dangerous power Amelia was her name she made her parents proud because her records were high in every class but they were throw the roof with her fighting abilities as a human and wolf. her father became loving with her success. Amelia had big green eyes and deep black hair and red blood stained lips and a cut in her eyebrow splitting the tip of the end from the rest. a bandaid lad on the bride of her knows that covered some of her freckles on her face. but as a wolf she had deep black fer with a cut going across her face and bloody eyes.

the family was feared but as time past they were not the most feared a man came who everyone known as damon black. 


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