The Roar of the demon

Anne Rajput

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“Love is a Trap when it appears, we only see it’s light, not it’s shadow. It’s a spell that makes a person stupid. The person in love becomes idiot and does idiotic things in influence of feeling what he recognizes as love. He becomes insane, yes! It’s the power of love that makes a person vulnerable and plan stupid to avoid the truth by intentionally closing his eyes, to become blind and let people take advantage of you. Love can consign us to either heaven—the paradise, or to hell —towards a demon, but it definitely takes a person somewhere. It has taken me to a place too. Love has destroyed me too, but I’m not a stupid person who would destroy his life and suffer the sorrows of betrayal and regret. On anything I will make her regret.”

—Vihaan Malhotra


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