The Golden Hotel


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Twelve young adults receives an invitation to check-in a five-star hotel during their university's reunion party. Little did they know, blood, gore and death awaits them. Trapped inside with no means of escaping, games are played every four days and they ruthlessly die . . . one by one.

Will they be able to find out the real identity of the killer before time runs out?

**Weekly Updates: Friday or Saturday**

"I really love the twists and the events(games) happening in this story. Really really thrilling for me. Would highly recommend!!! 10/10" - ihateunicorns

"I really love this on-going story so far. It's like riding a roller-coaster; full of twists and turns; unexpected death just waiting for our twelve protagonists who were more or less forced to play the death game of some psychotic killer cowardly hiding behind the walls of a supposedly grand hotel situated in a seemingly deserted place, almost like a desert actually. A page-turner and hard to put down because you also take a chance in deciphering the code with the main characters, giving you the feel of being there with them as well." -Noriedette


Tags: MurderSerial-killerDarkSadisticPsychoTragedyTwistedDarkDreame2019BxG
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Chapter 19: Dissension

On that same night at half-past ten, Olwen woke up with heavy eyelids and a parched throat. It pained her to get up and grab a nice glass of water at the kitchenette's water dispenser, but she couldn't ignore her body's needs, knowing how important it was to drink eight times a day. She forced herself out of bed, slipped on her cotton slippers, ……

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