The Golden Hotel


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Countless of fictional stories about murder has been produced in the film industry. Most absurd killing methods can possibly be done in actual, but not many has the perception to build such complicated machinery just to kill. People are more likely to choose the simplest weapons to use-weapons that are within their reach namely the guns, bombs, and knives. Only a wealthy, psychotic criminal will attempt to accomplish the insane and inhumane.

Until one day . . . the unimaginable happened.

Twelve adults attends their university's reunion party and wins an invitation to a five-star hotel. One of them is Faith, a deceptive twenty-four-year-old woman. She later finds herself in a life-threatening situation, pushing her to conceal her real identity in order to catch the real culprit hiding among them. However, sacrifices has to be made every four days as they are forced to play the so-called death games inside Golden Hotel.


Tags: murderkillerdarksadisticmanipulativetragedytwistedbxg
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Chapter 29: How

Theo came barging in Room 24,456 by the time Faith got through the living room. Before she could complain and send him back to the other room, he imprisoned her in a tight embrace and buried his face on the crook of her delicate neck. She neither pushed him nor struggled free from him. In fact, she loved it. She loved their skin contact. She lov……

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