The fate of my love

Lisa Terence

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Hi everyone, this is a story about a girl (this story is from her pov) who is far from perfect. In fact, she is the definition of imperfect looks. But her personality is perfect. She, Jessica D'cunha, has long brown hair with brown orbs and she has only one best friend, the one and only Gaurav Sharma. She has a childhood crush on him. She loves everything about him.
Gaurav Sharma has a very pleasant personality. He has the power to conquer your heart by just one smile. He is neither tall nor handsome.
Also their college bully Shahid Khan who can't help but fall in love which Jessica. He has got the muscles and looks to impress anyone but he can't seem to impress Jessica.
Whom will she choose? Gaurav whom she loves or Shahid Khan who loves her? Follow this story to know.
And thank you. Love you guys.


Tags: ChicklitRomanceRape
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Hey guys! Well, I would like to summarize the situation here. Jessica, the lead heroine, has a crush on Gaurav, who proposes her. Gaurav seems to like her personality and Jessica likes his gentle smile and behaviour. She was happy with him when a rich brat, Shahid comes in between them. He threatens Jessica with Gaurav's life and Jessica being J……

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