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When the apocalypse happened it wasn't in a blaze of fire or warfare of any kind. Instead, it came to us in a whisper smoke colored black. For most of the world, they were victims to this mysterious cloud, but for eight of us, we survived. We don't know why but we are all drawn to a specific location to learn and possibly save the world...or whatever is left of it.


Tags: DarkPost-apocalypseDoomsdayDramaTwistedDarkDreame2019BxG
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Chapter Forty Four- Aloha

“Don’t be mad…” Sam commented as Grace awoke to find the warm heat of the sun fall upon her porcelain complexion. She was a bit confused and went to laugh before finding herself beside an ocean with the waves washing against her legs and the rest of her body completely surrounded by sand. There had also been the feeling that they certainly weren……

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