Dark Times

Daniel Akosa

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Darkness fell upon humanity in a flash. They took it all away. Their sworn enemy- Happiness. They killed, they slaughtered, enslaved, destroyed, conquered. The rest of humanity lived in the shadows, hiding, cowering in fear.
But now, it's time to fight back! We will no longer hide! We will take back what's ours! Free our enslaved brothers! Drive them away! 
It's our time!


Tags: ActionLGBT+RomanceSci-FiSex
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Chapter Two

I am walking on a plain grassland. Trees are scattered along the area. It's my first time seeing them. I've only seen pictures before. Everything is bright and full of life. I see Sylvie standing in the distance and start running towards her.

The clouds suddenly turn dark and plants begin to die. I strong gust of wind blows across the vas……

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