Quill Secret

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In the world of Xypha, everything seemed to be perfect. The only kingdom was ruling efficiently. But when Arya began to dig things that was certainly not meant for her, she learns the price of perfection Xypha pays.

Had he done the work that was assigned to him, Noah would have got what he had always wanted. Freedom. But a single mistake takes him off his way and makes him see the world he knew through a different set of view altogether.

A girl who lost her family seeks revenge. 

The boy who is responsible for her misery saves her again and again.

They might stand in between chaos and destruction, but they might find their paradise of peace, even if it was meant for a moment. For a bond that cannot be broken, nothing is impossible.

After all, 'Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.'


Tags: ActionAdventureAssassinMilitaryLove-triangle
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She knew that she cannot cheat death, but she wanted to live. More than anything she had ever desired in her life. She wanted to take revenge for what they had done to family and friends and what they would do to other innocents.

Despite this, a part of her was happy that the kid who was hiding few yards away, so skillfully that……

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