Billionaire Werewolf

Duthi Ch

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Alyssa Cross a rogue werewolf and owner of Cross industries limited goes on a holiday to Ojai near LA. While hiking she meets a man mesmerized by him she agrees to go out for dinner. One thing leads to another and she ends up falling in his bed. A month later she is puking her guts out when she realises what is going on...
Nobody knows that she is not normal, in fact, nobody knows that she is a billionaire. What happens when her secrets are revealed?


Tags: DemonFantasyPregnancyPossessiveSex
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How it all started

Walking into the boardroom, my wolf was going crazy inside me, clawing at my stomach to let her out. ‘Cool Alyssa’ I tell myself, it is just a board meeting, not a murder trial.

Walking into the board meeting with confidence I didn’t know I had; I sit down at the head of the table. All of them are staring at me, and my wolf inside is growl……

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