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Demarco Garner, better known as "Cold", is the most dangerous man ever. If you cross him, you might as well say you've signed a death wish. He doesn't play. He doesn't care if you're young or old. He demands respect. Everyone fears him. Well, everyone except for Nariah Hill. Nariah Hill is an assassin who goes by the name Ghost. Only a select people know who Nariah really is. Will Cold find out who she really is on their rollercoaster of love?


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Chapter 48.

Riah POV


"Babe, I'm so tired," I said to Cold as we sat on the plane. We were now on the way home.

The meeting we had with the Italians went well. I'm just happy anything didn't pop off because we have been through enough shit.

"Me too, " Cold agreed as I propped my legs on his lap. "I'm read……

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