The Journeys of a Lost Soul


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When people die, they travel on to Higher as their purpose is complete. And yet the spirit of Robyn hasn't moved on. She remembers her past lives as distant dreams, writing them down to find some sense. She had seen many souls move on, shuddering past her eternal state of being. She's brought into life once again only to discover someone - or something - who has penetrated all of her lost dreams, a present element pressing into the past. "Why?" she wonders. Will she ever find out the answer to that simple question?


Tags: AdventureLGBT+MonsterSpiritualSuicide
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Dreaming of You

"You crawled into my heart, fell asleep in there and I have been dreaming of you ever since," - Gemma Troy

Dreams. I would wake up sweating after them.

Flashes of light and dark. Nothingness came to me in my dreams. Terrible beauty.

When I woke up shaking violently, I called my mum. I told her what I was experiencing.

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