Frozen Memories


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*COMPLETE* “The cold does not bother me.” I assured. Sometimes, as odd as the thought happened to be, I feared that this strange chill was my doing in the first place. It wasn’t completely unbelievable when considering all of the abnormal things about me so far. The thought caused me further self-questioning when I found that my room was the only one brimming with this cold according to Dr. Byrne and Nurse Lisa Jones. It also granted me pause to find that this chill did not start until I made my appearance to this place.


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“School has been alright, though it really has begun to take backseat to other priorities in my life.” I said to her. “Good news-or well-I guess you would say bittersweet.” I said. “I have partial memory of what happened to me. Not necessarily good memories but it is something and I have dec……

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