Into The Woods (BOOK TWO)


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(Prequel to The Dark Witch)

Bright golden eyes stared at the girl with fascination. He crouched behind the tree, his claws gripping the bark as he tries to prevent himself from going up to the girl and taking her against her will.
'Crazy human. What was she doing in the middle of the woods all alone and unprotected?' He asked himself, staring at her in curiosity. Hasn't her village ever warn her about the woods and the dangers that lied with in.
A danger like him.
The girl laid on her back, facing the bright gorgeous sky, a small comforting smile playing her lips. She was surrounded by nothing but trees and beautiful wildflowers a mile from her village. She knows the woods are dangerous, her grandmother warned her constantly, but she couldn't stay away. The forest called to her, beckons her to lie within and dance with the dangerous monstrositites, so she couldn't help herself to lie down in the clear opening and gaze at the clouds in the sky.
Suddenly, a shape moved out the corner of her eye and she froze, taking in a cautious breath before she slightly turned her head in that direction and was instantly meet with sharp golden ones that seem to be piercing into her soul.
She let out a terrifing scream.
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