King Parker VS King Santani

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This love can either save me or end me
One word they were at their happiest

One word they were begging on their knees

They were kings of powerful creatures but all she had to do is say one word and they would give it To her

They were kings hated each other and were both feared but had the same weakness HER.

She was known to be the most gourgaus girl with the most kind and caring heart. Every man wanted her, lots of girls were jealous of her

One of the kings was her mate but she was in love with with enemy the other king

Can he win her heart or will she love the other king forever?

What happens when enemy's come to destroy her? What happens when men she has know for a long time want to make her theirs.

Secrets will be revealed, hearts broken, life's lost,love found and rejection.

Are you ready?


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