How I Met My Mate

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Sophia Woods is the daughter of Alpha Ethen and Luna Stella of the Redwood pack. Sophia was in high school. She was the schools IT girl she wasn't the mean popular girl. She was the nice popular girl that was friends with everyone. She was 5'6 with long platinum blonde hair and silver eyes. She has two siblings. She has a twin brother. Her and her twin are both 17 and her brother is 15.

Hunter Black is the son Alpha Magnus and Luna Diana of the Blackwood pack. He just moved high schools. Him, his sister, and best friend were the new kids in school. Hunter thought he was going to get every girl but was wrong. He is 18 and has 2 siblings. His siblings are 16 and 13. He was 6'6 with jet black hair electric blue with silver stripes in them

"Can Sophia Woods please come to the office" said the secretary through the loudspeaker. I was sitting in class history wondering what was going on. But I got up and walked out of the class and to the front office. When I got there I seen three new kids in the office and waved at them. Then asked "What do you need Mrs. Anna?" She said "You are the tour guide for Mr. Hunter, Miss. Vivian, and Mr. Kyle. To show them the school and to their classes?". 

       I showed them the school but never really made eye contact with them. It was now lunch time and they didn't have anywhere to sit so I called them to sit with me and my bestie Rose. When they sat down I introduced them to Rose. Vivian and Rose hit it off. I was talking to hunter and Kyle. When I looked up our eyes met.


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