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Han Jaeyeon a.k.a Jae, is just a normal girl who goes to high school and studies very hard. Alongside education, she has a perfect life and lives in a stable household. She has a boyfriend named Park Jimin and they've been dating for over a year.

Kim Taehyung, one of the high school's most handsome heartthrobs yet perverted boy ever. Every girl in high school wishes to date him, but he already has a girlfriend, Kang Bomi, and he loves her more than anything.

However, something occurs within their families. Both of them are compelled into an arranged marriage to not only save themselves but also their families. Taehyung reveals this news about the marriage to Bomi and Jae also reveals the marriage news to Jimin. Bomi and Jimin agree but they are actually uncomfortable with this marriage taking place.

Meanwhile after they get married, Taehyung constantly keeps teasing Jae, sexually. Now she has to put up with him and his attitude for her family's sake, the same goes for Taehyung. Little did Jae know that Taehyung has promised Bomi something, which involves Jae.



Tags: Arranged-marriageJealousyPregnancyRapeSex
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Jae's POV

"I now pronounce you as husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." The vows conclude.

He leans in and his lips linger over mine.

"I love you, Jae." He whispers.

"I love ……

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