Playing With Cupid's Arrows

Towa Mbenji

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Lea McCleen is dead. 
At least she is to the world.
But in the world where Cupid's exist, she's alive and well. Living life as a match maker whose close to Carter Cupid (the head of Cupid) is any Cupid's dream. A dream that she'd taken. And she's living it like she was made for it.

Given one job and a Helper too far from Cupid can be hard for her. Add in an old acquaintance whom she's afraid of yet angry at. 

This is sure to be a problem.

Because Cupid's never break a rule and one of them is : personal feelings should never come between a Cupid and his job.

Well, with Lea McCleen on the job with no Carter Cupid in sight, it might just be the best time to break all the rules. 


Tags: AdventureFantasyRomance
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