Girl at the Cafe Store

stuti khanna

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Betty a simple girl who works at café store to earn some money to live and support her family. She lives with her younger sister and brother. Due to so much of responsibilities she has no time to look for herself. But her fate change when she suddenly met someone in her café shop and she got instant attraction towards this girl.
Carmen is a doctor who is well settled and earn very well but due to her tight schedule, she is not able to date anyone. What happened when she moved to the new city to grab a new opportunity in her dream hospital. She instantly felt attraction towards this café girl.
Will they able to confess there love towards each other or end up without giving chance?


Tags: LGBT+RomanceTeenfictionPregnancySex
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Chapter 2

Carmen Pov

I awoke to my alarm clock going off at 8 am I was always a morning person but yesterday only I shifted to New York. I spend some time in bed and then made my way to the bathroom. I open my shower tab and spend some time to enjoy the cold water on my body. After I washed up I grab new clothes for office. A few weeks ago I……

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