Destructive Perfection


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Five Years. That's how long it's been since the club ended.

Two Months. That's the amount of time Enclark Rhodes has spent in jail. All because of smuggling drugs he didn't even realize were illegal.

A lot has changed overtime. From not only his brief jail life, but also his personal one. Dealing with a breakup, his mom getting a new job, his father with a car repair store, his brother's marriage, etcetera.

His asshole self has now come back into play, being a jerk and acting like a dick towards anyone he sees or talks too.

Due to his bastardly behavior, Enclark has to receive help from someone that can fix his terrible ways and become less of a jerk.

But he doesn't want to get fixed, he'd prefer to rage out. He enjoys raging out on the road, destroying his complex and turning it into something worse.

While he wants to destroy it, his helper wants to perfect him and make his life better.

But playing with fire can definitely get you burned, and it's in a hell of a lot more ways than one.

Contains Explicit Sex, Violence, and Language


Tags: ActionRomanceSportsBad-boySex
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