Opposingly Yours


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Two years can change a person, especially if that person is Eliezer Oteon.

The twenty year old fighter who was once part of a club has now pushed a "rewind" button in his life, restarting everything and going back to what he once was.

And with starting over comes moving into a new city, making new friends, and going to college. But even old things can get in the way of a new leaf.

Kerrie Hindman. The fling Eliezer had with her two years back has been pushed aside. Now she's being treated by him like he barely knows her.

The two get paired up and have to work together not only through the tough parts, but also the good ones too.

And after a chaotic bar fight, a new enemy and an old ex stand in their way. For Eliezer, defeating the enemy in the ring and his old ex won't be an easy feat.

He Opposes Her.

She Opposes Him.

But he certainly has a way of making her opposingly his.


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