Heart that doesn’t beat

jodie chambers

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Everything in my life changed when my sister disappeared I just didn't know it till now, my father left me and my mum after she had gone then years later my mother died, what I thought would be a nice midnight walk in my quite little town turned into a nightmare.

now am left in a house with blood painting the walls and a huge hole in my chest.
that's when I came face to face with him.....
How can you feel if you have no soul and a heart that doesn't beat.


Tags: FantasyHorrorRomanceWerewolfAlpha
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Lazily opening my eyes, hearing the slow and steady beat of a heart. Not seeing anything in the darkness that surround me, I blinked a few times trying to focus on anything. I can feel the cold wet floor under my bottom as I steadily sit up, with what feels like a hole in my chest. It burns but I don't feel sad to tell you the truth I couldn't f……

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