High School Bad Girl [COMPLETED]

Sowjanya Rai

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"Zoey Collins" the rebellious bad yet brilliant girl of the school. She doesn't believe in 'Love' nor did it exists for her.
"Ryder Jenkins" the school's most famous quarterback and girl magnet with a much less IQ than Zoey.

Zoey always made sure she was never messed with nor did she ever mess with anyone but if anyone bullied her or her friends she always kicked their ass and she had just two friends Leah William and Zane Rogers who also shared her brilliance. They were known as the 'Three Musketeers'. Things were going smooth for her till she was to tutor Ryder.

One misunderstanding turned Zoey and Ryder's lives upside down.

Ryder - "Don't ever cross my path ever if you wanna live cause the next time we cross paths I am gonna make you pay for ruining my life bitch!"

Zoey - "Lets see who's gonna be the one who will be paying you asshole and you better pray that I never have to see that face of yours!"

They thought that is the last time they will be facing each other but fate had other plans in store for them.


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