Paranormal Academy

Lexie Perez

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They say she's ruthless, that if you disrespect her you're as good as dead. That she once killed an entire clan of vampires in only a few minutes, that she could be the werewolf Queen if she wanted to.
Unfortunately, for Ruby these things are all true.

Her name is Ruby Mortel, 16 year old Alpha of the most powerful pack in North America.
She never asked for any of this, but after her Father died her pack needed an Alpha and she was the only one eligible. Between school and pack issues she has no time to spare. So when the King requests, more like demands, her to go to Paranormal Academy, to help with protection and to learn more about her supernatural abilities, she says no. But then he gives her no other choice but to go.

What will happen when the famously ruthless female Alpha gets there?
Will she be able juggle all her responsibilities all while keeping true to herself?


Tags: adventurepossessivepregnantdramabxg
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Not Again

I come to, hearing a loud noise to my right that's giving me a headache. Ugh, I hate alarms they ruin everything. I smack my hand over there only to hit something soft that feels a whole lot like hair. I try to open my eyes, but it's like I'm sitting in front of the sun.

I here the noise again, it sounds awfully like a-

I hit him……

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