The billionaire's ex wife


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Four years ago Meghan Daniels had it all a child named Zoe that she loved dearly and a husband that would crossover oceans, rivers, mountains just for her. Meghan lived a happy life with her family and all was well until she decided to go to New York fashion week by herself but never returned. Tristan is now not only left with all the memories he shared with Meghan but also the only thing Meghan loved the most Zoe.....

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Hey, guys, I am soo sorry for not updating it is just that it is my last year at song and so I have a lot going on, but u have a new book that j has created, I feel like this book has no storyline and people seem to already know what is going to happen so I need some time to think about what I am going to write about in this book. But anyway ple……

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