Dead Man Below Deck

Jim Rohrer

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Professor Ed Schumacher intended to spend his summer break from his university position enjoying the wholesome atmosphere of small town life in Wisconsin with his wife Betty. He did not expect to become embroiled in a murder practically on his own doorstep. Events take the bumbling professor on a zany romp that becomes steadily more deadly as each day goes by. Who is killing people around the condo, why are they doing it, and, most important, why do all clues point to him as the culprit?


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Chapter 20. Epilogue

They let me out of rehab in time to go back to work at our jobs in Texas. A few things had changed in our lives. For one thing, Skip did such a good job ‘cleaning up’ after the case that there was no proof left concerning much of what happened to me. Since there were no drug dealers, there was no attack on me either at the river or be……

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