My One Hot Destiny

wayne marya

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Victoria has been living a very lavish life and it has its price. As she she grew up, she was sheltered by her over protective dad and brothers. But, little did they know that my mind was already green. I always wondered how it feels to be touched by an opposite sex. Whenever my friends talk about their sexcapades, I would fell out of place not that they don't involve me but I've got nothing to share. What if I met a hot Greek God fell from Olympus and sparks and desire click instantly? Would I give in or just resist? 


Tags: Romance
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Hot, Passionate Night

I pinned her at the wall while ravishing her lips. It tastes addictive and I think I can't get enough of it. My hands roam around her body. From her hips, neck and down to her breasts. God, it feels smooth and firm. Her moans are fueling the desire for her. I carry her bridal style and lay her down on my bed.. Our eyes met and I can see desire i……

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