Beneath the ground.

Habiba Adel

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Elizabeth Adams is a girl who lives on the other side of the clock’s tower, where people wear fancy clothes and party every day. Her life, in her point of view, is miserable and controllable, but in others opinion it is heaven. Elizabeth doesn’t want the title, but she can’t ever run from the bitter truth that she is betrothed to the Prince Charles of Riztalanda, her childhood friend, her future king. However, this doesn’t prevent her from falling in love, what if she did? What if she was caught? What if war is ignited? What if she married Charles? What if? 
I wish of a place where women and men are equal, where black and white are equal, where poor and rich are equal.


Tags: RevengeRomanceThrillerArranged-marriageDark
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Chapter two


“I don’t get your point. And I am glad that way. Elizabeth. It is final. The Jenkins are visiting tomorrow. And you are coming.” Mum said in a calm, fragmented pace, making me realize that tomorrow is going to be one of my stupid days.

“But I am going to visit Samantha, tomorrow.” I reminded her.

“I don’t see the use ……

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