Control Me (18 +) [ON HOLD]

Ethan Miller

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On Hold - Will be updated regularly from May 15 2019

"W-what are you doing?" I gasped at the site in front of me.
He was quick to pull the blanket over his personal parts but the image I just saw stayed glued to my mind. I shook my head to get rid of it but it was an impossible task.
"Keep shut!" He snapped. "Don't you have the manners to knock?" He cursed under his breath.
"I did knock but nobody replied." I pointed out.
"Shut up and get out!" He shouted at me, giving me a murderous look.
"I will tell Aunt Sheila!" I threatened, turning around.
But before I could have moved any further, two arms enveloped around my frame, pinning me to the wall by my waist.
He was standing in front of me naked.
"You wouldn't dare." 
I gulped.


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9 || Forgotten Friend

There are times in life when you feel - " If I had never been there in the first place!"

I think that was my exact feeling when I saw Sourabh's face turn into pain and then more pain and then some more. I had sympathy for him really. But as his pain subdued, it morphed into anger and the thing was that I knew I was in trouble.

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