Undress Me, Mr. Black

Fantastic Yeoja

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Heaven Angeline is a simple girl looking for a job when she came across an ad on the internet that offers more salary than most of the jobs in the market. Wanting to get out of the slump she is now, she clicked on the ad and applied for it. Never has she thought that this ad was different from the rest of the jobs she’s been it because this job asks her to undress for Mr. Black.


Tags: BillionaireNew AdultBad-boyPossessiveSex
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Chapter 1

“What’s happening?” I asked Yena as I arrived at the office tonight. The whole office is in chaos. Everyone is frantic and panicking like something bad is going to happen. Yena and my other friends are all crying.

I work in a telecommunications agency as a customer service representative for about two years now. It is my main job as I have……

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