Her Wet Bikini

Serena Star

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When they were kids, Stefano and Paula used to play naughty games like "doctor and nurse" and "husband and wife."
Now, on a small island off the coast of Italy their childish curiosity is slowly transforming into a forbidden desire. Under the hot summer sun they resume the games of the past. The presence however of other family members is the threat to the vulnerable world created by the two cousins. When another older cousin also wants a piece of the action things will suddenly get extremely complicated.


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Chapter 16

By the time we were back to Luigi’s the entire team had reassembled. It was almost six and the fiesta was not going to start for another three hours. Luigi we suggested to go to a café facing the beach but my mom and aunt had different plans. They wanted us to drive back home so that everyone could take a shower and change into something more ap……

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