Her Wet Bikini

Serena Star

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When they were kids, Stefano and Paula used to play naughty games like "doctor and nurse" and "husband and wife."
Now, on a small island off the coast of Italy their childish curiosity is slowly transforming into a forbidden desire. Under the hot summer sun they resume the games of the past. The presence however of other family members is the threat to the vulnerable world created by the two cousins. When another older cousin also wants a piece of the action things will suddenly get extremely complicated.


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Chapter 20

After a few minutes, Paula came and sat next to me. She spread her legs open and rode the bench as if it was a horse. Her body leaned forward and came resting on my side. One of her hands reached out for my plastic cup while another rested on my shoulder.

“We need to get some more,” she said after gulping down the last drops of ……

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