Enemies With Benefits


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Mikayla Lang, 17, beautiful and has black hair with brown eyes. She wasn't your regular typical girl. She was know it all, a nerd and a virgin. She hasn't even had her first kiss yet let a lone had a boyfriend. She didn't have time to have a boyfriend since she cared too much about her grades even though she was in her third year of high school. But she has one enemy that she hates, he hates her. They would argue every day, he would say hurtful things to her but she didn't care what he thinks since he's nobody to her now. His name is Dylan McKay.

Dylan McKay, 17, hot, amazing abs and v-line and has brown hair and blue eyes. He was your typical guy. He was a jock, flirt and he was but failing most classes. He was still a virgin but he did get offers to have sex with girls but he always turns them down. He was a big flirt and he would make-out with them but that's how far he would go with them. He couldn't keep a relationship since he couldn't keep a girl. He did care about his grades and he would try to keep his grades so he would stay on the team. He has one enemy and he hates her. He would call her name and they would argue every day but she didn't care neither did he. Her name is Mikayla Lang. 

They have a shady past involving each other but will it come back to bite them in the ass?

One party. Several drinks. One Game. One Kiss. Can change everything.


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Epilogue (Chapter Thirty-One)

* 4 years later*

*Mikayla's P.O.V*

We graduated from college 2 months ago and now here I am getting ready for my wedding. Yes, I said wedding. Me and Dylan finally thought it was time to tie the knot and make me become Mrs Mikayla McKay. It's been a long time coming and we have had our fights and break-ups throughout college but we f……

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